Best in Class Supplier

Cater: World Class Process - Creating Custom Transformers

Because Hobart Electronics has been delivering the highest quality custom transformers, inductors, assemblies and power suppliers for more than 40 years, it’s easy to say “best-in-class” but a lot more difficult to actually live up to it.  At the very center of our success over the years is our focus on you, the customer. Our driving philosophy is summarized in:
CATER … Customers Are the Entire Reason.
Our broad range of magnetic product capabilities means Hobart Electronics can either make or design the product you need:
Size Range : Less than 1 lb. each up to 50 lbs.
Power : From 1VA up through 10KVA
Quantity : Orders from 5 pieces through 1,000,000 pieces
Custom Designs : 90 percent of Hobart Electronic’s business is in manufacturing custom transformers.
Our investment and experience in LEAN and Just-In-Time manufacturing has produced virtually 100 percent on-time delivery and has created reliability that our customers depend on. Our customers receive same-day custom quotes and samples in as little as 24 hours including specs, CAD drawings and test results.